Maren and Lisa publish an article in Lancet Planetary Health

August 4, 2022by Grabovac Group

Lead by our Maren Jeleff, a group of co-authors (including Lisa Lehner from our Group) just published a systematic review in Lancet Planetary Health, focusing on social science approaches to prevention of infectious diseases.

The article entitled “Vulnerability and One Health assessment approaches for infectious threats from a social science perspective: a systematic scoping review” focuses on how vulnerability assessments are used in the context of infectious disease threats and antimicrobial resistance. The systematic scoping review included a screening of 5390 publications and the analysis of 36 of them. The results indicate that more focus should be given to local understandings of vulnerability with active community involvement. They also suggest that this should be combined with studies on social and ecological factors relevant to exposure to infectious diseases, and a more integrated approach in working with qualitative and quantitative methods focused on direct observations.

This publication arises from Maren´s doctoral research project and her work in the SONAR Global Project.

Read the full article here.

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