Charlotte, Lovro and Igor won first place for their work on diversity promotion and research in categories “Engagement” and “Graduate Thesis”.

March 11, 2022by Grabovac Group


In order to promote a conscious approach to diversity at the Medical University of Vienna, MedUni Vienna awards the annual Veronika Fialka Moser Diversity Prize. The aim is to honour achievements in this area and make diversity visible. The prize is named after Veronika Fialka-Moser, Professor of Physical Medicine, in recognition of her many years of service in the field of diversity management at MedUni Vienna.

This year in the category “Engagement” Charlotte Rösel and Igor Grabovac won first place in the name of the WE-Project Consortium. The aim of the WE-Project was to provide a free and accessible online learning platform as means of empowering LGBTIQ+ youth and provide important knowledge on anti-discrimination at the workplace for various professional groups. Additionally, the WE-Project created a toolkit of best practices to allow other companies to implement anti-discrimination and diversity promoting activities.
In the category “Graduate Thesis” Lovro Markovic won first place for his thesis “Associations between doctor-patient relationship and healthcare utilization in trans and non-binary identifying people in Austria: a pilot project”. In his thesis, Lovro mapped out the utilization of various health care services as well as provided descriptive data on general health status of trans and non-binary patients in Austria and what characteristics are associated with doctor-patient relationship. Part of his thesis was also published last year in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health (
The winners were awarded 2000 Euros that can be used to further diversity training or promotion in their field.
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