Dr. med. univ. Andreas Banner

Dr. med. univ. Andreas Banner is currently enrolled in the new epidemiology doctoral program of applied medical sciences at the Medical University of Vienna and affiliated to the Grabovac Group as an external researcher. Andreas graduated at MUW in fall 2020 with his diploma thesis on urinary bladder cancer in patients aged 90 years and older (Dr. med. univ.).

With the way towards a urological specialization paved, he started a residency at the urological department of Klinik Favoriten in fall 2021. His clinical training currently focuses on genitourinary cancers with a scientific field of interest in cancer prevention, early detection and geriatric urology. After researching on tumor marker expressions in testicular cancer patients, Andreas investigated the resource use during the end of life phase (EOL) of prostate cancer patients in Vienna. This resulted in the idea to start scientific training at MUW with enrollment in the doctoral program for applied sciences. Focusing on the clinical course of genitourinary cancer patients, his aim is to provide deeper insights into several aspects of GU-cancer diagnosis/screening and treatment at vulnerable points during disease trajectory – especially during the EOL phase – to improve patient centered outcomes and wishes.