INTERACT Europe 100

Interdisciplinary work is the cornerstone of modern personalized medicine, and it is possibly most important and most present in the field of cancer care and oncology, where physicians, surgeons, nurses, dietitians, occupational and physio- and speech therapists, psychologists and many others work together to offer comprehensive and complex care. However, internal organizational structures, strict hierarchies as well as lack of knowledge on the various fields as well as interdisciplinarity as such, often cause issues and do not promote interdisciplinary work. The INTERACT EUROPE 100 project tries to repair this issue by implementing an interspeciality training in one hundred oncological centers in Europe, and has a special focus on pediatric cancer care services and promoting the cancer care in Ukraine. This EU4HEALTH financed project is coordinated by European Cancer Organization and brought 42 institutions together in a large consortium. One of these is the Medical University of Vienna, where under the leadership of Igor Grabovac and Kathrin Kirchheiner (Department of Radiation Oncology) an evaluation work package is coordinated with the aim of creating a comprehensive evaluation strategy based on participatory co-design with all professionals and patients and patients’ representatives.

To learn more on the project please visit the project website. Key members connected to the project: Igor Grabovac (Principal Investigator), Honja Hama (Postgraduate researcher) and Tobias Schiffler (Postgraduate researcher).