Postgraduate researcherTobias Schiffler, BSc, MSc

About Tobias Schiffler

After graduating from a technical secondary college for facilities engineering, Tobias did 9 months of civil service in a group home for people with psychological and physical disabilities, where he developed an interest in healthcare. Due to his wish to improve the health and wellbeing of people, Tobias decided to continue his studies in healthcare and nursing at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna (Austria), where he graduated in 2019 and was conferred a Bachelor’s degree. During his studies he developed a keen interest in mental health and following his degree he started working at a new pilot psychiatric department for transitional youth in Hospital “Hietzing” in Vienna. There he was able to gather additional skills and knowledge about clinical work in transitional psychiatry and interventions for vulnerable groups. At the same time, Tobias started with master studies in Health Assisting Engineering, which combined various aspects of technical and electrical engineering and their application in health and health technology. During his studies he developed an app that aided the therapeutic process in transitional youth with borderline personality disorder. Tobias wanted to further his knowledge in social determinants and their influence on mental health in vulnerable groups and joined the Community Health Lab/Grabovac Group as a doctoral student in Public Health and postgraduate researcher in 2021 at the Medical University of Vienna (Austria). The same year he started with a bachelor study program in Psychology at the University of Vienna (Austria). Tobi aims to gain a more holistic view of mental health, and develop a broader set of skills in order to effectively and sustainably support individuals with mental issues. Eventually, Tobias aims to turn these skills to account in the field of community health, as he is committed to improving the quality of life and well-being of vulnerable communities.

Within our society, mental health has for the longest time been considered inconsequential. It is high time for a paradigm shift that allows us to recognize the potential of mental health promotion as a way to establish innovative ways of togetherness, and to ensure no one is left behind.
Tobias Schiffler


Areas of interest

Mental health, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychology, psychiatric nursing, vulnerable populations, health technology

Highlighted Publications

Schiffler T, Seiler-Ramadas R, Stefanac S, Haider S, Mües HM, Grabovac I. Implementation of a Mobile DBT App and Its Impact on Suicidality in Transitional Age Youth with Borderline Personality Disorder: A Qualitative Study. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022;19(2):701. Doi: 10.3390/ijerph19020701


2016-2019: Bachelor’s program in Healthcare and Nursing, University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna, Austria (Bachelor of Science in Health Studies)
2019-2021: Master’s program in Health Assisting Engineering, University of Applied Sciences Campus Vienna (Master of Science in Natural Sciences)
2021- ongoing: Propaedeutic Program in Psychotherapy, Vienna Psychoanalytic Society
2021- ongoing: Bachelor’s program in Psychology, University of Vienna (Bachelor of Science)
2021- ongoing: Doctorate Program in Applied Medical Science, Thematic Program “Public Health”, Medical University of Vienna (Doctor of Science)