PhD student Adis Šerifović, BA, MA

Adis Šerifović, BA, MA is a PhD student in the Grabovac Group/Community Health Lab currently enrolled at the Public Health Doctoral Program of Applied Medical Sciences at the Medical University of Vienna. He is working as a Project Manager for Inclusion Health at the Open Innovation in Science Center of the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG). Adis holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and a Master’s degree in Social Innovation from the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences and worked as a project assistant at the University of Salzburg before joining LBG.

Adis is passionate about participatory co-design of scientific projects and community involvement especially focusing on vulnerable and underserved communities. In his thesis, Adis will focus on the conceptualization of health literacy and how health literacy is understood across Austrian Muslim communities and aims to co-create a policy blueprint for development of interventions to improve health literacy in Muslim communities in Austria. Adis is also an active community organizer and is the National Co-Chairperson of the Muslim Youth of Austria (MJÖ). In his spare time, Adis writes books for children and is active in cultural activism. After completing his PhD, Adis hopes to utilize his skills to further improve open science structures in Austria and foster more active collaborations between vulnerable communities and researchers.