PhD student Cornelia Feichtinger BSc, BSc, MSc

Cornelia Feichtinger BSc, BSc, MSc is a PhD student in the Grabovac Group/Community Health Lab currently enrolled at the Public Health Doctoral Program of Applied Medical Sciences at the Medical University of Vienna. She is currently head of the Competence Centre for Applied Nursing Research at the University of Applied Sciences FH Campus Wien. The center’s research focus includes 1) digitalization in healthcare; 2) health promotion; 3) theory-practice transfer; 4) evaluation research. Prior to this, Cornelia worked for several years as a nurse in primary care, where she specialized in the care of people living with HIV, LGBTIQ* people (especially transgender people) and people undergoing opioid substitution therapy.

She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Radiology Technology (BSc) and Health and Nursing (BSc) at the FH Campus Wien and her Master’s degree in MedTech (MSc) at the FH Wiener Neustadt. In her thesis, Cornelia focuses on the conceptualization of Community Nursing in Austria. Her thesis is placed within a larger EU project which aims to establish Community Nursing as a professional nursing field in Austria for the first time. As part of the research activities Cornelia aims to map the core competencies of this emerging field, see the motivation and general working conditions of nurses who are currently working in Community Nursing and also develop a basis of professional guidelines for the future. Cornelia hopes to gain new skills which will allow her to critically appraise the health system and provide viable and sustainable solutions for its improvement and movement towards a more integrated and accessible system. Cornelia is especially passionate about the role of nurses in research and science and hopes to further professionalize nurse lead research in Austria.