Postgraduate ResearcherHonja Hama, BA, MSc

About Honja Hama

Honja holds a Bachelor Degree in Sociology from the University of Vienna and a Master Degree in Socio-Economics from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. During her Master studies Honja focused on the topics of social and societal disparities in the thematic fields of housing and health using quantitative analyses. Her Master’s Thesis covers the topic of Nest-leaving behaviour of young adults in Austria. After her studies she worked at Statistics Austria for over two years and was responsible for the data management and survey design of the Microcensus Housing survey. She was also responsible for monitoring and improving the data system, as well as collaborating on publications and press releases. Honja joined the Grabovac Group in 2023 as a doctoral researcher in the “Less is More” project, which is financed by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund. “Less is More” is covering the topic of de-prescribing antibiotics and benzodiazepines for more safety and sustainability within Public Health. Honja is currently pursuing her Master’s in Sociology as well as a PhD in Epidemiology.

In order to reduce structural inequalities in the healthcare system and in society itself, it is important to address the causes of these disparities. By analysing these influencing factors using qualitative and quantitative approaches, we hope to map part of the reality and provide a basis for policy makers to make decisions for a just distribution of resources.
Honja Hama


Areas of interest

Housing, statistics, health economics, health inequalities, public policies

Highlighted Publications

2014-2017: Bachelor’s program in Sociology, University of Vienna, Austria (Bachelor of Arts)
2017-ongoing: Master’s program in Sociology, University of Vienna, Austria (Master of Arts)
2018-2020: Master’s program in Socio-Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria (Master of Science)
2023- ongoing: Doctorate Program in Applied Medical Science, Thematic Program “Epidemiology”, Medical University of Vienna (Doctor of Science)