Lovro and Igor participated at a Conference on Trans Rights in Bratislava

October 9, 2022by Grabovac Group

On the 22nd of September, Lovro Markovic and Igor Grabovac were invited guests to an international conference focusing on the rights of trans people in Slovakia and Europe, organized by the Faculty of Law, Comenius University of Bratislava (partners of the WE-Project Consortium). In their presentations, Lovro and Igor focused on aspects of health and well-being of trans people in Austria and provided information on medical, social and legal transition in Austria. During the remainder of the conference, experts presented on the progress of the legal recognition for trans people in Slovakia and situation in accessing health and social services.

One of the organizers was Prof Matej Horvat, who was the local lead of the WE-Project in Slovakia and this conference also presented a great opportunity for a long overdue catch-up.

Grabovac Group