Charlotte and Igor featured in the new ORF radio series “Young Science”

October 9, 2022by Grabovac Group

Charlotte Rösel and Igor Grabovac were featured in the new radio series at ORF1 called “Young Science“. The new multimedia format provides interview articles and radio interviews focusing on scientific topics of interest for younger people and featuring mostly young scientists as well. Charlotte and Igor presented the important information of the WE-Project and explained how experiences of microaggression are still commonplace for a number of young LGBTIQ people in Austria. Charlotte emphasized that the largest issue concern lack of consequences for those employees that act discriminatory towards their LGBTIQ colleagues: “We also asked the people who reported problems at work what happened next. Most of them said that the issue was virtually ignored and that there were no consequences.” . Clearly promoting diversity may be very beneficial for companies that wish to attract a talented young workforce: “Young people today care about other things when it comes to their jobs. They value a good working atmosphere and places where they feel comfortable.“- added Igor. Workplaces are reflections of the opinions and attitudes found in the general population, as such visibility is extremely important as workers who are able to open about their sexual orientation and gender identity without fear of discrimination are happier, healthier and more productive, therefore Charlotte and Igor wholeheartedly welcome more visibility of LGBTIQ topics in the mainstream media, as Igor added: “Reports in the news, but of course also Netflix series with LGBTIQ protagonists, for example, contribute to making the topic more present in people’s minds.” 

You can read the whole interview here and listen to the radio report here. (Available only in German.)

Photo credit: Raphael Krapscha/ORF.

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