Grabovac Group wins grant from WWTF

October 25, 2022by Grabovac Group

Our group has been succesfull at the first Public Health funding call in Austria, financed by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF). Cooperating with Prof Janina Kehr from the Institute of Cultural and Social Anthropology of the University of Vienna, Lisa Lehner and Igor Grabovac codesigned and cowrote the project proposal for “Less=More Project: De-Prescribing Pharmaceuticals for Patient Safety and Sustainable Public Health“.

The “Less=More” Project is a truly interdisciplinary project utilizing methods and knowledge from medical anthropology, public health and social medicine to create novel ways of creating safe guidelines for de-prescribing of antibiotics and benzodiazepines. Special focus of the project is placed on its multidisciplinarity and in a true mixed methods approach it will combine qualitative and quantitaitve research methods relying on a constant exchange of ideas and principles between the reseaerchers.

The project is funded over 3 years and is aimed to start in Spring of 2023.

Grabovac Group