Hanna and Igor gave a webinar to the Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy (ÖBVP)

May 25, 2024by Grabovac Group

On April 9th 2024, Hanna Mües and Igor Grabovac gave a webinar on “Sexual and gender diversity – Scientific findings and relevant topics for practice”, which was organized by the Österreichischen Bundesverband für Psychotherapie (ÖBVP, engl.: Austrian Federal Association for Psychotherapy). In their talk, they outlined various determinants of health of people identifying as part of sexual and/or gender minorities (SGM), including stigma, discrimination, and sexual minority stress. Moreover, they presented findings from two recent studies on experiences of SGM within the Austrian somatic and mental healthcare system that were conducted as part of the EU-project WE-project that was coordinated by GG at MUW. They further provided insights into practical tools and opportunities of psychotherapists in practice to improve experiences of SGM. The talk was followed by a fruitful discussion of interested and engaged psychotherapists who added to an enlightening exchange by sharing their own practical experiences. The discussions have once again shown that there is further need for improvement of healthcare for individuals identifying as part of SMG.

Grabovac Group