Fourth CANCERLESS Consortium Meeting took place in Madrid

March 13, 2023by Grabovac Group

Our CANCERLESS Project just passed its halfway mark and the consortium has been busy with preparations of the period 1 report to the European Commission. However, this does not stop the project from progressing further, nor the CANCERLESS Consortium to meet and discuss the progress so far and the exciting times ahead. Under the organisation of our partnerts from the Public Health Services of the Region of Madrid (SERMAS), we spent three busy days discussing pilot activities and recruitment strategies as part of our pilot feasibility study of the Health Navigator Model. The third day we participated in an event where the policy makers of the regional government in Madrid, as well as experts and representatives of NGOs involved in the implementation of the project in Madrid spoke about their experiences in the project but also about scailing up possibilities of the model after the CANCERLESS project ends.

It is important to note that experts in the panel in Madrid, as well as our findings from piloting sites clearly indicate that people experiencing homelessness are interested in improving and maintaining their health, contrary to what many experts and policy makers think. Therefore it is important that public health policy allows for equitable access to cancer prevention services. We hope that the Health Navigator Model contributes to improving the current situation faced by people experiencing homelessness and that policy makers will work together with researchers to removing barriers that they now face.

Once again, we are very thankful to our partners from Madrid and are looking forward to the new meeting in Athens later this year!

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Grabovac Group