CANCERLESS results presented at the Pathway Conference in London

June 10, 2024by Grabovac Group

Tobias Schiffler attended the “Pathways from Homelessness 2024” International Conference in London on March 13-14, 2024. This event, organized by the Faculty for Homeless and Inclusion Health, gathers health and social care professionals from the UK and beyond to discuss best practices and innovative interventions for homelessness.

Tobias presented the co-development of the Health Navigator Model, part of the EU-funded CANCERLESS project led and coordinated by the Grabovac Group. This model aims to improve cancer prevention and early detection among people experiencing homelessness in Europe. Developed through collaborative focus groups in Austria, Greece, Spain, and the UK, the model integrates Patient Navigation and Patient Empowerment elements, engaging so-called “Health Navigators”—trained professionals who assist people experiencing homelessness in overcoming healthcare access barriers, promoting cancer awareness, and providing practical support.

The presentation sparked a lively discussion among attendees about the potential of the Health Navigator Model to be adapted for other health conditions and healthcare settings. Participants explored how the model’s principles could address various healthcare disparities and improve access to preventive services for other vulnerable populations. The adaptable nature of the Health Navigator Model was highlighted, emphasizing its potential to be integrated into diverse healthcare systems to enhance overall health outcomes.

Also, Tobias had the opportunity to listen to a lecture by Professor Sir Michael Marmot, completing a unique, inspiring, and informative conference experience.

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