Lisa, Honja & Tobi presented results from CANCERLESS at this year’s FEANTSA Forum in Vienna

June 19, 2024by Grabovac Group

The FEANTSA Forum in Vienna provided us with an invaluable opportunity to discuss how our team in CANCERLESS was making strides in offering cancer preventive care to people experiencing homelessness within our project’s framework. People experiencing homelessness face significant barriers to healthcare, which often leads to late diagnoses and poor health outcomes. Our session focused on the innovative strategies we’ve employed through the Health Navigator Model, co-designed in the first stage of the project, to bridge this gap and ensure that everyone, regardless of their living situation, has access to essential preventive care.

One of the key takeaways from our session was the importance of community-based interventions. By partnering with local shelters, outreach programs, and healthcare providers, we have been able to create a network of support that makes cancer screening and preventive care accessible and non-intimidating for those who need it most.

Our discussion at the forum was a reminder of the power of collaboration. By working together with various stakeholders, we can create a more inclusive healthcare system that addresses the unique needs of vulnerable populations. It was inspiring to see the passion and commitment of everyone involved, and we are excited about our future initiatives.

Grabovac Group